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Talavera Sinks

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Ceramic sinks are available by two different manufactures: Talavera and Ornate.

Ornate sinks are available in medium oval and large oval only. Sink corners are not available. These are one of a kind sinks and patterns are not always duplicated. You can order these sinks by primary colors, example: Ornate sink primarily blue but with multiple colors (see#TR713). There are no specific tiles that coincide with Ornate sinks. Lasa, talavera, porcelain and stone tiles can be used to compliment these sinks.

Talavera sinks can be ordered (p/u existing copy)

Back Orders: Out of stock items take approximately 12 weeks to back order. One half deposit is required upon ordering.

For accessory application, dry wall must be cut out, accessories installed, then tile around accessories for support.

Sinks can be ordered with or without corner pieces. All accessories and sinks are available in any pattern shown on the Talavera Tile page or in solid colors. Light switch covers are also available in ceramic. Click here to see the different styles and prices.

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