**Are all the talavera patterns available in the pull knobs?

Yes, all the talavera patterns can be done in the pull knob size. The pattern shrinks according and not all of the pattern may be seen.

**Does stone need to be sealed after installation?

Yes, stone is porous and needs to be sealed with a stone enhancer once installed. However, the grout must be sealed with a grout sealer and not done by the enhancer.

**Is Saltillo used outdoors?

No, Saltillo is not used outdoors. However, it could be used in warmer climates such as Florida and Southern California. Otherwise, Saltillo is a clay tile and is not frost free. It is commonly used on the floor, in-doors.

** Can Saltillo be used for the counter tops?

Saltillo is a rather heavy tile and is typically used on the floor. If the counter top can hold the weight of the Saltillo, it may be used.

** Do I need to put a final coat of sealer on the pre-sealed epoxy finish Saltillo?

No, there is no need for a final coat of sealer on the tile but you do need to seal the grout joints upon installation.

**What finishes do the lights come in?

The lights can be ordered in a pewter finish, an oxidized finished and a shiny tin finish. If you took a handful of change, the pewter is comparable in color to a nickel, a penny is the oxidized finish and a dime is the shiny tin finish.

** What is the highest wattage you can use in the lighting fixtures?

The highest wattage you can use is 75 watts.

**Are the sockets of the lighting fixtures standard for general light bulbs?

Yes, the sockets of all the light fixtures are standard for general light bulbs and are also all UL listed.

** Can lighting fixtures be custom made?

Yes, the sizes of the lights may be custom made and you may chose either clear glass or frosted glass. You may chose between the pewter, oxidized, or brass finish. Note: If you inquire about the brass finish, please call for lead time on delivery and the prices that will be honored.

**Can talavera be used for the shower floor?

Talavera tiles can be used, if they are in the smaller sizes (2x2 and 3x3) but use them at your own risk. There is a fire glazed coating on the top of the tile which tends to make the tiles slippery if used in the shower.

**How do you seal the grout joints once you install the talavera?

You may use a grout sealer to seal the grout joints after the talavera is installed.

**How long after installation can I seal my grout joints?

Once the tile is installed and grouted, the grout must be cured/dried for 2-3 days before you seal the grout joints.

**Does the talavera tile need to be sealed?

No, the talavera does not need to be sealed since it has a fire glazed finish. The grout joints do need to be sealed however.

** Are the talavera sinks standard sizes to American standards?

No, the talavera sinks are 14x17 (medium) or 21x17 (large), thus there may need to be accommodations to install the sinks.

** Why is hardware expensive?

The hardware is hand done and that is why there is a difference of sizing, thickness and finishes.

** Can I order just 10 pieces of a 2x2 or 3x3?

No, the minimum to order any of the 2x2 or 3x3 size is 50 pieces or more.

**Is Saltillo a glazed tile or a sealant.

The Saltillo are sealed with an epoxy finish and they are done in Mexico.

**What sealant can I use on my un-sealed Saltillo?

You may use Mex-seal to seal the raw Saltillo and Mex-seal can also be used to seal the grout joints.

** What is the difference between the regular Saltillo and the super Saltillo?

The regular Saltillo has sharp edges and the super Saltillo has rounded edges.