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ANY sale discounts will be adjusted upon receiving your order. You will be emailed your final total including shipping and any tax (if applicable) then the amount will be charged to your account.Artesanos Imports Co. sells handmade hand painted Talavera tiles. There are imperfections and color variances from lots or batches. These imperfections add to the artistic characteristics of handmade tiles. Please be aware of these nuiances before purchasing tiles. All returns will be the responsibility of the Purchaser. Please be aware of our Return Policy.


1) Need copy of receipt of purchase with all returns.
2) No returns after 60 days.
3) A 25% return fee will be applied to all tile.
4) No refunds on special orders
5) All tile claims MUST be settled before installation.
6) NO returns on Saltillo Tiles.
7) ON SALE ITEMS: No returns, no refunds, no exchanges.
8) 50% downpayment on large orders
9) All prices are subject to change without notice.
10) No items Lent on "Approval"